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Been beat up and battered 'round...

Been sent up, and I've been shot down..

17 October
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  • You can call me T.. everyone else does.. so you should too.

  • I smoke Newports.
  • I enjoy cocktails to the extreme.

  • I am a Photography Student at School of Visual Arts.

  • I live in the Ghetto.. but it doesn't bother me.

  • I am too Irish for my own good.

  • I am a freelance photographer.. which means really nothing.. but it's just nice to call myself that.

  • I love driving aimlessly.

  • I love my freckals.

  • I am infatuated with good Gas-Station Coffee.

  • I am my own worst enemy.

  • I have the best of friends.. who deal with my inane bullshit. ♥

  • I am in ♥ with Ron who is the best thing I could ever ask for.

  • I sometimes give people 2nd.. 3rd.. or even 4th chances..

  • I hate 'artsy' people.

  • I am not kid-friendly.. but I bet you $10 if I ever have kids.. I'll have

  • I hate being late... and I hate people who are late.. even more.
  • I ♥ NYC.. I can't imagine where I would be without it.

  • I ♥ attention.

  • I am very outspoken most of the time.
  • Sometimes my big mouth gets me into a lot of trouble.

  • I put others before me.

  • I have a soft-spot for Emo kids.
  • I am fat.. and proud of it. ♥